An Invitation to Participate

written by Sam Gardner on November 7, 2013 in Uncategorized with no comments

As most of you know, Bozeman Tango prides itself on being unique in that we are a totally community focused tango group whose goal is to create positive growth in our town and the surrounding areas. We support all inclusive tango groups! To be clear, we also support any individual wanting to make a contribution in any way, be that through teaching, djing, organizing, etc. We encourage those who may even have the slightest notion to teach, to step forward and give it a try! The best way to learn is to do and everyone benefits from it. Those of you who are regulars know that we are a warm, welcoming and very non-judgmental group of dancers and those of you who may have been too shy in the past, make yourself known. Please accept this on-going invitation to create, contribute and receive.


-The folks at Bozeman Tango