Saturday Workshop and Milonga

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Saturday (3/28) MAC Schedule

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Saturday (3/28) MAC Schedule 730pm-900pm: Workshop on ‘Colgadas for the Social Dancefloor’ with visiting teacher Vanja, cost is $20 900pm-1200am: Milonga hosted by Dance Kinexion and Bozeman Tango, with DJ Vanja, cost is $10 *Workshop+Milonga is $25

No class Tuesday Nov 26th

Tuesday Nov 26th–IN HONOR OF THANKSGIVING, THERE WILL BE NO CLASS Please join us next week when Jim Gulgiemo and Alexis Weinkauf continue a six week class series on connection and core technique for Bozeman Tango. Movement Arts Center, 1871 …



TOMAS HOWLIN.  YES. So, earlier in the week I heard various people commenting about how this Tomas Howlin guy has an entirely unique method of approaching tango. “He is incredible.” “He gets at the dance from a deep place.” “You …