Tango Film Series starts this Thursday (7/23)!!!

written by Sam Gardner on July 22, 2015 in Bozeman Tango News and Special Events with no comments

Tango Film Series 2015 - Who: You, me, and everyone else. What: Tango Film Series 2015. When: Throughout the summer, stay tuned to Facebook for dates. Where: 610 S. 8th Ave in Bozeman (Across from Irving School). Why: To have fun, to spend time together off the dance floor. How: Show up, bring a snack or drink to share.


TANGO NEWS FLASH! A low key, more intimate alternative to ‘Music on Main’, The Tango Film Series 2015 will be kicking off this Thursday, July 23 at 730pm. We will start the film (Hearts of Tango) at 800pm sharp. It runs for just 64 minutes, so please save the ‘work-night’ excuses for another time. :) Hope to see lots of you there, for part or all of the evening!

Tango Film Series (Summer 2015)
Dance is a vehicle not only to express oneself, but also to explore the depths of our being. Social partner dances, like Tango, offer the additional layer of connection with others, which is an important aspect of the human condition that is growing increasingly rare in this age.
Film provides a platform for artists to communicate ideas and express themselves, while offering viewers an opportunity to feel a range of emotions the artist hoped to evoke. Motion pictures also draw our gaze inwards, where we can think carefully about what the film is trying to say, and how each of us interpret that message. Watching a movie together and discussing our responses is a way for us to interact, learn about one another, connect, and potentially share understanding in our community.
This is an invitation to start new friendships, or to deepen connections that have already started on the dance floor. It’s a chance to combine Tango and film, thought and community. It’ll be fresh, it’ll be fun, it’ll be as light or as deep as you’d like to make it. Hope to see you there!
Film 1: Hearts of Tango (2014 Canada, Director Miguel Libedinsky)

HEARTS of TANGO is a documentary film produced in Toronto, Canada. It describes the “tanguero” landscape of the city, giving voice to different players of the local scene, who share their passion for this multicultural expression of life. It includes students and instructors, musicians, DJ’s, performance dancers, “Milongas”, and special events organizers. Searching for answers to what the Tango means to them, the documentary asks: What is its universal attraction? What awakens them to this passion? What makes them live it so intensely, and how do they find expression in it? HEARTS of TANGO also seeks to demonstrate that the typical sound of this music does not belong only to the city of Buenos Aires, but it is somehow connected to the concept of the city itself, through the memory of its past history, and identified in its architecture. In the same way we try on new clothes to see how they fit, this documentary tries on Tango music on the city of Toronto, thus depicting how this new color and vibrancy fits into its multicultural mosaic. Finally, HEARTS of TANGO makes a full conceptual circle when connecting the origins of this music to a key piece of Canadian identity: its immigrants. Tango was a result and product of musical traditions brought to South America by different immigration waves during the first decades of the 20th Century. Now, the time has come to explore its migration to Toronto. In the words of its poetry, in each step of its dance and each note of its music, Tango speaks of love and passion, sadness and longing, and loss and hope.