written by Sam Gardner on June 24, 2015 in Bozeman Tango News and Special Events with no comments

YOGA AND TANGO CONNECTION WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY . JUNE 24 . 7-10PM This class is open to all levels of practice and flexibility. Begin to connect breath and movement with a short flow that emphasizes key muscles and alignment we use on the dance floor. Then we'll pair up for some simple partner-assisted, restorative stretches. This series explores the balance of staying grounded in our center, while also being receptive to another person, in order to help them safely move deeper into the stretch. Instructor: Julia Sanders Hugs for Health and Happiness, Embracing the Embrace. Connection in Tango is something that can provide important physiological and psychological benefits to people of all ages and abilities. We'll begin by first acknowledging the existence and strength/size of our personal space. Then we'll discuss and practice ways to be more inviting and increase our comfort level in sharing that space, in order to improve non-verbal communication and enhance connection with our friends and dance partners. Instructor: Gary Horton Whether you're new to Yoga, Tango, or both, this workshop will provide a playful environment to explore how to become more present, mindful, and comfortable in our connections within ourselves and with others. $25 SPACE IS LIMITED, PLEASE PRE-REGISTER AT: DIDDAKOI at GMAIL ~ 111 SOUTH GRAND (THE EMERSON CENTER) IN THE `YOUR YOGA' STUDIO . 2ND FLOOR RM 223 .